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Find real-world rewards in your community, today. 

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Real-World Fun

Similar to the popular ‘Go’ game, sideQuest players embark on quests to visit real-world locations and landmarks to collect rewards. Quest types include treasure/scavenger hunts, tours, charity fundraising and more.

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Real-World Rewards

Rewards in sideQuest are redeemable for real-world services or products. No digital characters here! Rewards could be anything - a free coffee, a pizza, or perhaps even a car!

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Rewards Nearby

Join quests and discovery hidden rewards throughout your community. Follow the clues and collect your rewards. Rewards are out there and you need to find them!

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Exercise that Pays You Twice

Are you looking for a unique way to get active in your community? Accept quests and put some steps in your fitness tracker. With real-world rewards its exercise that pays you twice.


Own a business? Connect with potential customers IRL (in real life :)

 sideQuest was created to help organizations connect with their customers IRL (in real life). We do this by providing the easiest way to run location-based promotions including treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, tours and more.


Our Mission:

Dedicated to connecting communities

At sideQuest we are dedicated to connecting communities. For us it's about that moment when relationships are formed. Whether it's between a small business and a new customer, or the local museum and a new visitor, our goal is to get people out exploring their communities and making friends along the way. 

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